About Us

The Lazy Web Guys, LLC is  based in the state of Delaware in the United Sates and is involved in designing, creating and retailing  various quality products on Amazon.com.

The company is a family owned business run by the family.

Below are the values that the company and staff aspire to;

# We act with integrity and honesty and believe that the products we sell offering outstanding quality and a user experience far exceeding the user’s expectations.

# Operational excellence – We are passionate about our customers and partners and through innovation and maintaining an environment that focuses on continuous improvement, we take something that works and improve upon it in unexpected ways to be better than anyone thought possible.

We are self-critical, questioning, flexible, learn from our mistakes, and are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement.

Operational excellence yields the optimal results for both customers, our partners and staff and is the responsibility of all employees. We focus on informed decision making, and effective and efficient business processes.

# Leadership — We inspire and empower one another to achieve our vision.
Leadership can occur and is encouraged at all levels of the organization. We encourage one another to act as leaders, champion innovation, and empower decision-making.